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​Flexible operation of housing and accommodation in the city center

StayX makes it flexible for rental properties that could only be rented to families tied up for two years.


Operation has changed significantly with online contracts, unattended identity verification, and smart key solutions. As a result of StayX operation, it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as rental, short-term rental, and accommodation, and the owner's income and expenditure has increased.

Even in the case of coronavirus, the rent market price has been around 1.7x due to digital nomads, short-term isolation demand, corporate training, etc. as well as the conventional family group.

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Features of StayX operation (urban area)


​Operation method


20s usage ratio


Foreigner ratio before Corona

20 days +

​Days of use

100 %

​Unmanned ratio

A mobile-friendly UX for millennial space solutions.


Users can complete reservations for both short and long term with a single smartphone, so it can be used both domestically and internationally.

The mobile-friendly UX can be accessed by young people, inbound users, and other users with high LTV who will grow in the future.


Design Portfolio 

​Click here for operations in resort areas and regions

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