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Our Mission

Change the shape of "Tabi" and "Sumai"

Our business

matsuri technologies is a pioneer in a new technology-driven real estate model that provides customers with cost-effective vacation rentals and homes that are completed online. Our mission is to transform the shape of "traveling" and "living" with technology.

Our operations are optimized with multiple software and tuned to maximize effectiveness with a minimum number of people while providing cost-effective service. Technology is at the core of our business.

Our technology covers every aspect of your business, from customer engagement and customer support to customer attraction and cleaning management. Leverage big data analytics to analyze vast amounts of operational data and continually improve your software. With a focus on technology, you can efficiently optimize your customer experience and grow rapidly while maintaining quality control.

We are not a startup that develops traditional software only.

With software at its core, we are willing to take advantage of muddy operations, a deep understanding of the law, and sometimes finance to maximize the differences that software makes. All the elements needed to implement what software has changed in society more deeply are our business areas.

By continuing to be a group that can implement technology not only on the screen but also in the real world, we will continue to create a "meaningful new industry" that will change people's lives.

​Continue to create meaningful new industries

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